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Coralcone menstrual cup outside features in a diagram with headings and textCoralcone menstrual cup inside features in a diagram with headings and textA coralcone menstrual cup showing the detachable ribbon moving in and out.

Attaching the ribbon

Thread the ribbon from either from the front or back, you cannot go wrong. Loop it through the base of the Coralcone back & forth through the three ribbon holes and tug in gently so it’s securely in place. Due to vigorous exercise if it does loosen up just gently tug it securely back on the Coralcone in between ‘change outs’. [see video]

Have a low cervix?

Just use the Coralcone mini or midi on it’s own. No scissors, no cutting necessary!

Have a medium height cervix?

Experiment with or without the ribbon - whatever you find most comfortable. Be patient, you’ll find out over a cycle or two.

Have a high cervix?

Attach our ribbon, you’ll want that exra length for removal. It will flow, flex and move with your body.

< how to measure your cervix >

one oh one

We know you've probably got a few questions. Let's get them out of the way.

Nope, you’re not going to wake up to carnage in your sheets. No, your cup is not going to be gobbled up by your kegel-strong pelvic floor and disappear into the depths of your vagina. And yes, you can get the forker out without ending up with a bloody mess on your hands and splatter spots on your espadrilles. Don’t worry. We got you.

A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup
A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup
A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup

before you start

Sterilise your Coralcone - boil in water for 5 minutes (use a whisk to keep it off the base of the pan), or soak in sterilising solution (follow the manufacturer’s instructions). Make sure you sterilise both the cup and the silicone ribbon - you can separate them if you want to ensure a thorough clean! [see video]

TIP:  If you have a high cervix you may want to attach the silicone ribbon to your Coralcone to aid the exit strategy (if ya know what we mean)... Instructions on how to measure your cervix is on our blog.

If you ARE attaching it - please make sure the ribbon is correctly threaded through the base of the cup, especially if you removed it for sterilising. Pull it all the way through so it stays on securely. [see video]

Wash your hands - thoroughly with mild, unscented soap and water.

Then, get comfortable! Sitting, squatting, standing, whatever’s going to give you the best access up in thurr! In the shower is our favourite - you can use the water as a natural lubricant. [see video]

How to avoid blood on the dance floor

It's not that inserting a cup is hard, it just takes some getting used to. With a little practice, you'll be punchin-and-foldin like a period pro and soon forget it's even there.

Check out the instructions below for step-by-step details on how it's done. Your Coralcone will also come wrapped in easy-to-follow instructions for first-time use.

A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup doing the punch fold
A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup doing the punch fold
A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup doing the punch fold

getting it in

While there are a number of ways you can fold your cup, we recommend using the ‘punch down’ fold. [see video]

Hold the fold in place with one hand. Spout first, insert the Coralcone into the vagina pointing towards the small of your back. Try different standing, hovering, squatting positions (the same as you would for a tampon). [see video]

Once the Coralcone is inserted into your vagina and your forefinger and thumb have gone as far as they can go whilst still holding the cup (about halfway down the Coralcone body), squeeze the base of the Coralcone (particularly against the fold you created) so it POPS open and pushes all the air out of it.

You will learn to recognise when it has popped fully open because of a familiar popping sound and sensation. To make sure that the Coralcone has fully opened you may run a finger around the rim or try swivelling it back n forth a little to force the silicone open.

Then, when you are ready, contract your pelvic muscles into a tight Kegel squeeze. Mid squeezing push the Coralcone with the tips or tip of your finger up the vagina to fit under your cervix. The aim is to get the opening of the cervix to release all menstrual fluid directly into the Coralcone. Therefore the Coralcone can sit below the cervix without contact or it can be so close the cervix itself dips within the inside of the Coralcone.  

Every individual is different. Either way you will know how far you need to push it up, depending on if you have a high or low hanging cervix and which position your cervix sits.

Once in position give it a gentle tug so you know that the rim has formed a suction and it won’t be moving around anywhere. If you have the ribbon attached make sure it is not hanging in a way that will irritate you. If needed, fold it back around the side of the cup so it is conveniently tucked away. [see video]

Once you stand up again it you should not be able to feel it and there definitely shouldn’t be any pain.

A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup
A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup doing the punch fold
A hand holding a Coralcone menstrual cup on a bench

getting it out

Wash & dry your hands thoroughly and get comfortable. While in a forward leaning sit, stand or squat, push down with your pelvic floor muscles and reach for the many ridges at the base of the Coralcone. [see video]

If you can only reach the ribbon – you can pull on it gently until you work your fingers up to the cup itself.

Remember DO NOT pull on the ribbon too hard – it’s not designed to stretch too far, but more of a location device.

Once you have a good hold of the Coralcone – pinch the sides in slightly so it releases the seal. Alternatively, insert a finger alongside the cup and push the rim in slightly. The more air released into the vagina, the easier it will be to remove and ease it out.

Gently pull it downward. When the base is almost out, tilt it slightly sideways to slide half the rim out, then tilt it the other way to remove it completely. The specially designed rim will help to stop any spill, but try to keep it as upright as possible.

Empty the contents into the toilet, rinse with clean water and reinsert.  

TIP:  Empty your cup 2 or 3 times a day, depending on the heaviness of flow. It’s safe to leave it in for up to 12 hours. When you remove it, you’ll see how full it is - if it’s very full you may need to empty it more frequently.

some more things you should know

finding the perfect fit

All bodies are different, and cervixes come in different lengths! Coralcone is designed to cater for high, medium and low cervixes.

If you find your Coralcone is uncomfortable or the ribbon is visible, you can try simply removing the ribbon. If this doesn't help, you may need to try a different size. Check out our size guide for more help.

If you're sure you have the correct size, it might help to adjust the angle or positioning of the cup - sometimes it takes a few goes to get the perfect spot!

caring for your Coralcone

Wash and sterilise your Coralcone before you first use it. [see video]

During your period, simply rinse your Coralcone in cold water to rid of any period residue. You can use a designated soft-bristle brush to keep the ridges and ribbon clean, and to keep the holes at the top clear. Or, simply squeeze your cup in water to flush the holes.

TIP: Use cold water to rinse off any blood before rinsing in warm water. This will help stop discolouration and odour.

After your period is finished give it a good clean with mild body wash, so it's already to sterilise once again.

Keep your clean and dry Coralcone in the washable and breathable pouch provided or perhaps in a glass jar.

Wash and dry the pouch thoroughly in cold water between cycles. Put it in a mesh bra bag and throw it in with the rest of your laundry on a cold wash! [see video]

keeping safe

  • Strictly follow the recommended cleaning and sterilisation instructions to keep yourself safe.
  • If you drop your Coralcone on the floor or in the toilet bowl, wash and sterilise it again before you use it.
  • Empty your Coralcone at least every 12 hours (optimally every 8), and follow the recommended inserting and removing instructions.
  • Remove before intercourse.
  • Do not use if you have a vaginal abrasion.
  • If you experience any pain, burning, irritation, inflammation, or discomfort urinating, remove and contact your doctor.
  • Check with your doctor before using if you have an IUD/IUS or any known gynaecological conditions.
  • Your Coralcone will not protect you from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Do not share your Coralcone with anyone else.

what is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

This is a rare but life-threatening condition caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria releasing toxins into the blood. It is most commonly associated with tampon use and is not generally believed to be linked with menstrual cups.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) symptoms can happen during your period or some days after, getting worse very quickly, and can be fatal if not treated promptly.


  • Sudden high fever (>39C or 102F)
  • Flu-like symptoms, headache, chills, muscle aches, coughing, sore throat
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhoea
  • Widespread, sunburn-like rash
  • Lips, tongue, or the whites of your eyes turning bright red
  • Dizziness, fainting, or difficulty of breathing and/or diarrhoea.

In the unlikely event that you experience any of these symptoms while using your Coralcone, remove it immediately and contact your doctor.

Do not use Coralcone if you have ever experienced TSS before.

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