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Coralcone was created by vagina owners, for vagina owners and the design advised by health professionals.

We knew that menstrual cups were a great step in the right direction but that they were still missing the mark when it came to really working in tune with our bodies. After all, no vag is quite like another. We needed something that adapted to suit us, not the other way round.

As vagina owners ourselves, we figured there was no one better placed to create something that gave our coochies the comfort they deserved.

the journey

Coralcone was founded by me, Yvette Shum. I was born and brought up in Dunedin, New Zealand. My career has taken me all around the world to places that couldn't be anymore different from my home, though everywhere I’ve landed the ocean has remained a source of creative inspiration and soulful rejuvenation. It was in 2016, when dive volunteering in a marine and coral reef conservation program in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, that the ocean would have its most life-changing impact on my outlook.

It was then I knew that I needed to use my career experience and skills to support marine conservation in a more significant way. Driven by a strong desire to leave a legacy for my daughter - a world with healthy marine ecosystems and better period management options, I returned to Aotearoa and Coralcone was created.

Working with talented product design engineer, Heather Cunningham, we envisaged a menstrual cup that meticulously met the needs of our most intimate bits. After consulting with female health professionals and undertaking in-depth research and rigorous testing, I know we’ve created something extraordinary and is unrivalled for comfort and ease.

xo Yvette
Photo of Coralcone founder Yvette Shum sitting looking at the camera

pussy power for the pacific

A woman in the ocean treading water

And while we were doing right by our bodies, it's good to know we are doing right by the planet, too.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that disposable sanitary waste can have on our ecosystems and oceans, and it ain’t pretty. A single woman will make around 150-200kg of sanitary waste in her menstrual lifetime.

These feminine hygiene products are major causes of blockages in sewage systems, causing them to overflow into our rivers and oceans. If they don’t end up in the ocean, they can take over 500 years to decompose #holyshirt

Choosing a menstrual cup alone makes a difference - but with Coralcone, your impact doesn't stop here.

To further support the long-term health of our oceans, we’ve partnered with Live Ocean, a not-for-profit organisation taking positive action towards the preservation of ocean health.

A surfer in the distance with the sun shining on the water

With your help, we’re right-off-the-bat contributing $2 from every Coralcone purchase to support Live Ocean’s ocean protection and restoration projects, ensuring our marine ecosystems are clean, healthy and thriving for generations to come.

Pretty forking cool, right?

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