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We’d love to hear your experience with Coralcone and even your experiences using other brands. Tell us what works for you and even tell us what doesn’t. Our mission to make Coralcone the best it can possibly be is reliant on the feedback of our menstruating community.

Yes, dozens of people have been test trialling our Coralcone prototypes from the very beginning, but every punani is different – so if it didn’t quite work for you the first time around, we really encourage you to try and try again because with practise it gets easier and easier!

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I really love the colours. Coralcones colour and noticeably higher quality material makes the product feel luxury. Plus after a while most lighter coloured /different material cones are prone to discolouration. I like that you can adjust the detachable ribbon and ergonomic lines - I don’t know if it’s a design thing or aesthetic thing but I like it and I guess also everyone’s vaginas are different sizes, shapes and lengths. Also the small cone is perfect for the beginning and end of your period when it’s lighter. I bought this product online and had it sent to a friend in NZ who then bought it back for me. I like their ethos and dedication to the ocean while still being a classy and Beautiful.

- Cel W, United Kingdom

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I’ve used their menstrual cups for over a year and truly love them. I change my cup every morning when I wake up and at night when I shower; I love how easy they are to use and how there’s no waste like with tampons. I’m very happy with my menstrual cup and can see myself using these for the rest of my life!

- Lucy G, New Zealand

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Best period cup I've used! No spillage, no uncomfortable suction upon removal, no ugly staining, easy to grip, easy to clean, soo much easier to insert! I've also experienced some pain in the past with other cups but this one is so much more comfortable.

- Ellana, Australia

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Great, super comfortable design and the perfect option for girls like myself who spend a lot of time out on the boat or diving! A one time purchase that lasts for years!

- Esther, New Zealand

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This cup is amazing! I am 13 and started out with a high cervix cup as I couldn’t feel my cervix no matter what I did, but my cup always stuck out. I went for the coral cone and tried it with the stem for a couple days, and decided I would try without. It is great to not feel anything and forget it’s there, and it’s not too hard to get out, thanks to the dimples at the bottom and the grip rings, I also don’t have night leaks anymore, so the diameter is perfect, even on the mini! Love this cup!

- Tessa, New Zealand

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The Coralcone team know all about vaginas and designed a menstrual cup that is soft, flexible and comfy! Easy to use and the lip and tag is life-changing! I love their approach to women's health and the way they support the environment.

- Lauren, New Zealand

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Coralcone is a comfortable cup that puts no strain on my body when it needs to flow and while it does take some practice getting started, already I know the health benefits outweigh my fears of insertion/removal (it gets easier with practice) and the hassle of cleaning the cup when outside my home (carry one spare). Health for my body and for the environment is well-worth the long-term investment in Coralcones. At that, I bought a whole lot to gift to my beloved girlfriends because it isn't every day that one comes across a product that delivers so much!

- Jacqueline, China

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Coralcone has been in my life for two cycles now and I will never go through another flow cycle without it. I was intimidated at first because I've always had a heavy flow so much that I would inevitably leak (even when using both a thick pad and a tampon), not to mention debilitating menstrual cramps on Day 2 and Day 3. But once I started using Coralcone, my menstrual cramps miraculously disappeared all together. I was curious and took a deep dive, educating myself on the benefits Coralcone can have on women's endocrine system over pads and tampons. Medical-grade silicone does it's magic when it comes to inserting my mini and midi cones and leaving them up there for double time.

- Catherine, China

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I have really appreciated the design and softness of the Coralcone cup. It does take a couple of cycles to get use to using it but all period cups would be like that. The indentation at the side is great as is the spiral pattern towards the base of the cup. The tag assists with easy guiding with inserting and removing. The softness of the cup makes such a difference. Thanks!

- Liz, New Zealand

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I’ve tried a couple of menstrual cups and have found them to be too large or susceptible to leaks. The coral cone is the softest and easiest to use! I also love the eco-friendly and cute packaging and pouch.

- Sarah, New Zealand

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This is the best cup I’ve tried yet- it has everything that I’ve been looking for! Easy and comfortable to use, and effective. All of the attention to detail really pays off.

- Monica, USA

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As a 56 year old part-Maori mother of an 11year old girl, who arrived on your site following a Stuff story about period poverty. I just wanted to say WOW!! Your product, website and approach is awesome!

- Hinemoa, New Zealand

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I am a Coralcone convert! I had used other products that were hard to get up and in correctly, caused leaks, etc. The Coralcone and it's brilliant design was so easy to get used to, and I had no trouble getting it properly in (thank you helpful instruction manual) and I had no leaks or any other mishaps. I love the little locator ribbon, and the ridges on the cone--it made getting the hang of it super easy. I love my Coralcone and the cute little carrying case--I am a menstrual cup convert and a Coralcone fan!

- Hannah, USA

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I've been using the Coralcone for 4 months now and love it. The best thing about it is the ribbon. It makes it quick and easy to take out. I'm saving a lot of money and in these times, it's really important to assess where you can make savings that are also environmentally friendly. Give it a go!

- Kylie, New Zealand

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My daughter received Coralcone as a birthday gift for her 16 birthday that’s she’s been wanting it for some time now and could use as she’s getting her period. She says she doesn’t want any other brand besides Coralcone as she says you are the best and loves how eco-friendly it is.

- Isabella, New Zealand

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All of my friends have had disasters trying various different cups so I was pretty apprehensive to try one for the first time. I kid you not when I say it went it FLAWLESSLY THE VERY FIRST TIME. I couldn't feel it at all and it was wildly uneventful. Taking it out for the first time would have been pretty stressful without the extra strap to guide the way too, thank christ. It took a wee bit of time (and bravery) to figure out removal but it got speedier after that. As a very first time cup user, I really can't rave more about how effortless this was. Buy it for all the menstruators in your life. Really really.

- Rachel, New Zealand

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I have a very heavy clotting period and the pressure and pain from clots building up around a tampons really hurts me! The clots have no where to go until I release the tampon. Now with the cup the clots rest in there until it is emptied! Genius. Every parent should be introducing their newly menstruating daughters to Coralcone, it’s a game changer, I know it would have empowered me as a young woman.

- May, New Zealand

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I love wearing the cup to bed as I used to worry about toxic shock syndrome with tampons, now I sleep with ease for as long as the cups capacity allows.

- Sahara, New Zealand

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Thanks so much Coralcone for helping me make the switch for both the benefit of my body and the environment! I love the fact that I know don’t have to carry tampons around with me. The only period device I have I carry around inside of me. This increases my time frame for shopping by hours. I can’t wait to try this baby out with international travel. I found it strange at first that I would take the cup out, empty it, then reinsert it with out the need to give it a thorough clean. Isn’t the women's body amazing and although a period involves blood, it is so hygienic. I do love changing my cup in the shower as I find it is a much cleaner process.

- Emma, New Zealand

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On day 2 of using my Coralcone and have to say I am impressed! This is the 4th menstrual cup I’ve tried and it leaves the others for dust. So comfortable. Incredibly impressed with the website, the product itself (made in NZ! Epic!) and the speedy shipping.

- Nic, New Zealand

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Coralcone is my first experience with a menstrual cup and I’ve definitely been converted. Such a sleek design, easy to insert and very comfortable. Being environmentally conscious myself I love Coralcone’s reusability and it’s thoughtful packaging. I am confident Coralcone is the sustainable future of NZ feminine products.

- Janelle, New Zealand

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Absolutely love my Coralcone, I’ve been contemplating over getting a cup for ages but was always hesitant as I wasn't sure if it would be comfortable. This cup is amazing as it feels like I’m not wearing a cup and it’s super easy to use.

- Natasha, New Zealand

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They are better than my other cups, more comfy and def didn’t feel like I was going to lose it. They are awesome.

- Tracy, New Zealand

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First try with the Coralcone and I couldn’t fault the whole experience. Sooooo much easier to remove than the last one I tried. I love how soft it is!

- Sarah, Australia

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The Coralcone is my favourite one I’ve tried so far. Very easy application and the ribbon makes it even easier to empty. Very sturdy with no leakage all day.

- Jess, New Zealand

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I'm using the Coralcone for the first time and it's FREAKING EXCELLENT!!!! I keep waiting for a disaster like with the other cup I've tried, but nope! It's literally leak proof.

- Lucy, New Zealand

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I have used a number of different cup brands, but Coralcone is by far the softest and easiest to insert. The ribbon is much more comfortable than stems on other cups. Definitely recommended!!

- Jacinta, Australia

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I just tried Coralcone and I’m super happy with how easy it is to use! From previous experience using a menstruation cup, I assumed the complicated process of insertion was a necessary evil. It was such an effort to get it into the right position to avoid leaking. Coralcone isn’t difficult to insert at all and it’s such a relief! I also like that there are two sizes, so I don’t have to use the bigger one at the end of my period. Even though I have given birth twice, the small size works well. Having my period will be easy from now on. Thank you!

- Benedikte, Norway

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The Coralcone cup was soft, easy to insert and very comfortable. I have found the silicone of other cups to be quite hard and don’t easily fold for insertion. I would definitely recommend Coralcone!

- Kate, New Zealand

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As a first time menstrual cup user I had a very pleasurable experience using Coralcone. I frequently suffer from cramps and was worried it would affect my ability to use the cup effectively. However, the softness and perfect size of the small Coralcone cup meant I could insert it with ease and comfort. While the grooves at the bottom of the cup meant I could remove easily without fidgeting too much at a time when I’m cramping. All the while saving the bigger cup for days I wasn’t cramping. Super easy to use and reliable - no leaks! Definitely recommend.

- Michelle, Fiji

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