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Available in two all-you'll-ever-need silky soft sizes

the midi cone

A dark Coralcone menstrual cup rotating with the stem attaching

Our Midi size holds a whopping fluid equivalent of 2 super plus tampons without leaving your fanny feeling fatigued. Perhaps you have an average-to-high cervix height or your Hoo-ha has seen the birth of a human, the Midi cone is the one for you.

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the mini cone

A grey Coralcone menstrual cup rotating with the stem attaching

The Mini cone is our smaller sized menstrual cup. Maybe you are a newbie to menstrual cups, or you have a lighter flow or your cervix height is on the shorter side. Try our cute and compact Mini cone out for size.

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Made in New Zealand from ultra-premium medical-grade silicone with a silky matte finish
The same material used to create breast implants so it's designed to be worn safely inside the body for looong periods of time!
A Coralcone menstrual cup rotating
Look, if there’s any poking going on, it sure as shirt shouldn’t be from your menstrual cup stem. Instead, our ribbon design discreetly and comfortably moves in flow with your body.
the design we needed
nature is no place for chemicals or single-use disposables and neither is your nether region
A menstrual cup is a great choice for you, and a great choice for the planet. But to make it ever better, we really thought inside the box, like, got riiiight up in there, to ensure we created something that would no longer leave our fannies feeling fatigued.

Ooh, damn that's soft

Yeah that's not something you normally want to hear when it comes to putting things in your va-jay-jay. Except when it comes to your cup, of course! Softness matters ladies, and Coralcone's super-soft, 100% medical-grade silicone with silky matte finish is the luxury your lady parts deserve.

Mother nature loves cups, too

A Coralcone cup won't harbour harmful nasties like tampons do. While you're at it, you are keeping bad shirt out of our oceans too when you ditch the disposables.

Don't let shark week stop you

Discreet and secure, with the familiarity of a removal cord, your cup comfortably stays in place all day. Whatever the activities are on the agenda.

Something to flap on about

Ok, we're talking about this ribbon thing again - because it's truly a game changer. Coralcone gives you all the familiarity and comfort of a cord, with no need to take scissors to a silicone stem and make it all jabby, just to suit your cervix length.

protecting our oceans one period at a time

What do you call a group of Coralcone users on their period? Forkin' change makers, that's what.

The planet is in royally forked-up shape right now. Disposable sanitary waste is causing some pretty serious damage to our oceans, and it’s on all of us to get our shirt together and make better choices.

That's why we're proud to partner with Live Ocean, a not-for-profit organisation focused on investing in marine conservation projects.

$2 from the purchase of every Coralcone goes towards supporting Live Ocean in taking positive action towards ocean health.
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I have tried several other brands and always struggled with removing. Coral Cone has such a great design and the removable ribbon really helps with locating the cup. The cup opens well and is comfortable to wear. I bought the pack with the two different sizes and use both for different parts of my cycle.
~ Laura F, New Zealand
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This cup is amazing! I am 13 and started out with a high cervix cup as I couldn’t feel my cervix no matter what I did, but my cup always stuck out. I went for the coral cone and tried it with the stem for a couple of days, and decided I would try without. It is great to not feel anything and forget it’s there, and it’s not too hard to get out, thanks to the dimples at the bottom and the grip rings, I also don’t have night leaks anymore, so the diameter is perfect, even on the mini! Love this cup!
~ Tessa, New Zealand
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I've been using Coralcone for almost 6 months now and it has truly improved my life! The first thing I noticed is how comfortable it is. The design is so thoughtful and makes using Coralcone effortless; from the texture of the silicone, the shape of the rim and pour spout to the grip ridges, dimples and ribbon at the bottom. It is such a relief to not use pads and tampons anymore, especially living in a climate that is hot and humid all year.
~ Tanya, Singapore
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In a sea of menstrual cup choices, invest in one that actually works.
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