how to measure your cervix

When it comes to choosing the right menstrual cup for you, you’ll want to first get a little more acquainted with your own vagina first.
That’s because in order to select the best fit for your body, it’s a good idea to measure your cervix. Chances are, this is something you’ve never considered doing before, but fear not, it’s a pretty simple process - and all you need is your own finger!

The best time to measure your cervix

Around ovulation (when you’re most fertile) the cervix is often higher in the vaginal canal and tends to be a bit softer. Close to and during menstruation, many women’s cervixes move lower in the vagina and become firmer. Your cervix can also move throughout your period as well. So it’s best to measure when you are on or close to your period.

Getting prepped to measure

1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Insert your clean index finger into your vagina. Keep moving until the tip of your finger is touching your cervix. You’ll be able to distinguish your cervix from the rest of your vagina, as the tissue is a little bit firmer than your vaginal walls. It feels a little like the tip of your nose with a hole in the middle.

2. Mark the depth with the tip of your thumb.

A hand with the index finger pointing up

Finding your cervix height

If you can only get the first knuckle of your finger in then you have a very low/short cervix height. If you can get the second knuckle in then you have an medium/average cervix height. If you can fit your entire finger into your vagina before you touch your cervix (or if you can’t touch it with your finger at all) then you have a long/high cervix.

Knowing your average cervix height has helped women in the past decide which brand of menstrual cup to use as they traditionally have stems attached. Because we all have different length fingers  - there’s definitely a margin of error to this method. So, if you want to get really accurate you may want to check the measurement on your finger beside a ruler.

Because Coralcone cups don’t have a stem, when selecting your cup, we simplify this to just one question: ‘‘Can I still reach it for removal?”
Our silicone ribbon was created for women with a high cervix height in mind, so you can get the reach you need to remove the Coralcone cup without feeling like you will lose it inside of you.

If you have an average to shorter cervix, you most likely won’t need to use the ribbon at all. And further still, if your cervix is sitting rather low you will most likely prefer the mini cone.

Some women may choose to start off with a Midi cone (larger size) for the first two days when their period is at its heaviest and the cervix is higher. Then finish the remainder of their period on a Mini cone (smaller size) when their cervix may lower and flow is lighter.

Attaching the silicone ribbon is completely optional, so experiment with it or without to see what works best for you!

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