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Us humans are visual beings; we’re naturally drawn to things that are beautiful and desirable. It’s not surprising then, that often brands choose ornate, luxurious packaging with visual-appeal in mind. The trouble is, this beautiful packaging often comes with a significant cost to the environment.

It’s true that packaging becomes a big part of how a brand is perceived by their customers, but it also sends a message about the kind of values that sit at the heart of their business ethos. At Coralcone, we believe that good packaging design and environmental responsibility do not have to be mutually exclusive.

From the beginning, we’ve been driven to do what’s right for the planet. A part of that is our commitment to providing financial support from the sale of each Coralcone cup to our partner foundation, Live Ocean, to help protect our oceans. But doing what’s right is also about the - often unseen - decisions we consciously make at every step of our business practices.

This includes our packaging. We’ve made purposeful decisions that not only keep you - our customers - in mind, but also the environment. We believe that these choices are as important to our Coralcone women as they are to us. Our efforts to minimise disposable waste and invest more into what you can reuse and keep means less for the landfill, and less on the conscience.

Here is a little more information about the conscious choices behind our packaging:

our purpose-designed snap pouch

This discrete pouch is made from felt polyester - which is itself made from recycled plastic bottles. It was designed with compartments for both your menstrual cup and any accessories like (panty liners or spare underwear) you may wish to carry with you. A snap button ensures your cup won't fall out, and the loop on the side allows you to carabina it to your handbag or hang off a bathroom stall hook.

Reusable, easy to wash and quick to dry, we really studied how you were going to use the Coralcone in your everyday lives. We believe that our customers would really appreciate the thought gone into our complementary snap pouch. [see video]

A hand holding a grey felt pouch
A hand dangling a grey felt pouch from a clip
A grey felt pouch with a clip attached to it
A Coralcone felt pouch with the packaging peaking out

minimal ‘freshness seal’

For online orders you’ll find your pouch comes wrapped in a recyclable Green Seal certified ‘’freshness seal’’ – so you know it has been quality approved, is brand new and that the correct size is inside.

Then open the pouch you’ll find your Coralcone is wrapped in tissue. It keeps it’s freshness at an optimum but it doubles as a printed User Guide for those who like analogue instructions to take into the bathroom for first time use. The tissue User Guide was produced by Noissue – 30% made from recycled materials, acid free pulp and printed with soy based inks, therefore making it easy to recycle.

As part of Noissue’s Eco Packaging alliance means that everytime we order with No Issue they can choose where a tree is planted by their partner One Tree Planted a non-profit organization that plants trees to help with global reforestation. Both the card wrap and the tissue User Guide can easily be popped into paper recycling when you are finished with them.

A group of felt Coralcone pouches sitting on the floor
A scrunched up piece of paper
A brochure with big writing on it folded up on the floor
A group of felt Coralcone pouches sitting on the floor

conscious courier

When it came to thinking about how we get Coralcone from us to you safely, plastic postal packaging just wasn’t an option. Then we came across fellow Kiwi company BetterPackaging Co., whose courier bags are made from renewable plant material (starches such as corn husks, rice straw and wheat straw), meaning they are completely home compostable in your garden. The ethos behind this company aligns with what our own endeavours are all about. We love their product and believe in supporting businesses like them who also want to make a positive impact on our environment.

Now if we were going to all the effort of purchasing compostable mailers surely we had to invest in compostable shipping labels too. How could we expect our customers to go to the effort of composting their mailer they would first have to rip off their regular shipping label. So we took the guess work out and have that covered too, resulting in a mailer complete with label you can pop into your home compost.

As we continue our journey eventually growing into the retail space, we are keeping conscious packaging at the forefront of our minds.

Better Packaging logo
Three eco courier parcels sitting on a step
A courier parcel with eco packaging sitting on a wooden table
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