let's do some period math

You probably don’t often think about how much time and money is involved in running a vagina full time – but it turns out it’s a lot! And don’t even get us started on the admin of it all.
You might be worried about the upfront cost of investing in a menstrual cup, so we’ve decided to break down how Coralcone can save you time and money. Free yourself up for way more fun things by making the change today.

Menstruating is expensive 

On average, a vagina owner menstruates from age 12 until age 50. Some start younger and end earlier, but we’re looking at around 450 periods over nearly 40 years.

We’ve done some math to work out just how expensive it is when using single use, disposable products over a lifetime.


How many tampons?! 

Most people will bleed from five to seven days each month. Changing your tampon every 4 hours means you’re looking at around 30 tampons every period.

And that doesn’t even include all the extras – panty liners in case of leaks, heavy duty extra pads if you’re using those overnight.

30 tampons a month. Every month. For 40 years. That’s well over 100,000 disposable menstrual products in your lifetime.  


Show me the money 

Let’s face it, having a vagina isn’t cheap!

Although a menstrual cup is a bigger upfront cost than a packet of tampons, investing in one can save you hundreds of dollars.

Living its best life, your Coralcone cup can last for up to 4 or 5years. Let’s say you replace your Coralcone every 2 or 3 years.

Price wise that's still a whooooole different story – we're talking saving hundreds of dollars over a lifetime.

According to our calculations, in NZ you'd spend on average about $18per cycle (that's a mixture of tampons, with some liner backup and 5-6 nights of super pads to sleep in.


$18 x 12 months = $216 per year.

A single Coralcone at $59 pays for itself in just over 3 months.


So over 2-5 years, however long your Coralcone lasts your savings range from $157- $1021 (and about 20kg of single-use trash saved from entering our oceans).

Even if you invested in a set of reusable liners ($40+) or set of period underwear ($80+) for extra peace of mind to pair with your Coralcone, you're still making mad savings.


Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We all love a bit of life admin, but do we really want to be spending our precious time on period admin?

Going to the supermarket to pick up supplies, hand washing blood out of your undies or favourite jeans, changing your sheets, getting caught out and having to rush out for supplies, copious bathroom trips to check on things. These are the things that all vagina owners will be familiar with.

With Coralcone, you only need to shop once for a menstrual cup and then you’re set for years. That’s a whole lot less time spent shopping for supplies.

Since you can leave your cup in longer than tampons (up to 12 hours) you can even reduce your trips to the bathroom. Spending less time in the stalls has got to be a win.  


Stop flushing time and money down the toilet*

Nobody wants to be wasting money or spending more time than they need to managing what’s happening in their pants.

Save your fanny some stress and streamline your cycle - your wallet will thank you for it!

*metaphorically speaking – we all know by now you should never flush disposable menstrual products!

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