honouring our pledge

Our journey began with a deep-seated commitment to the health of our oceans. Since we launched to market in December 2021, we pledged to contribute to marine conservation by donating $2 from every Coralcone product sold. As advocates for ocean health, we embarked on this mission with a vision to make a positive impact on our planet's most vital resource.

Honouring our pledge on World Ocean Week '23

As the waves of World Ocean Week 2023 rolled in on June 8th, we seized the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment. It was the perfect moment to not only celebrate the majesty of our oceans but to honour our promise to Live Ocean. This year, we directed a portion of our first-year sales to support the incredible efforts of Manta Watch New Zealand.

The majestic oceanic manta ray:

Manta Watch New Zealand has been at the forefront of research and protection for the oceanic manta ray in Aotearoa's waters. These majestic creatures, both endangered and awe-inspiring, play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems. By directing our funds towards Manta Watch NZ, we aim to contribute to their essential work in safeguarding these incredible beings.


Lasting change that ripples across oceans

As our startup grows, so does our ambitions to making a wider impact particularly in the Asia Pacific region. This vast expanse of ocean is grappling with the severe consequences of plastic pollution, affecting local communities and marine life alike. Our long-term goal is to extend our support to initiatives that resonate with these communities, addressing the unique challenges they face and fostering sustainable solutions.


Join us on this voyage

Our dedication to ocean health goes beyond crafting exceptional products; it is a commitment etched into the core of our brand. As we navigate the seas of sustainability, we invite you to join us on this impact driven journey. Every purchase of Coralcone contributes not only to your well-being but also to the well-being of our oceans.

Together, let's create waves of change that resonate far beyond New Zealand shores, ensuring a thriving and vibrant ocean for generations to come.

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