can you swim with a menstrual cup?

Ever pondered if you could swim during your period with a menstrual cup? Well, the resounding answer is a definite Yes You Can!

Dive into the deep end with confidence, whether you're doing laps in the pool or catching waves at the beach you can definitely go swimming with a menstrual cup and Coralcone has got you covered, quite literally.
Experience ultimate comfort, leaving behind the all too familiar sensation of absorbing half the pool or ocean with traditional options. If you've ever peeled off your togs along with a soggy cotton sausage, you'll understand the ick! That can now be a thing of the past with our tampon alternative.

Here's the magic:

A menstrual cup forms a secure seal against your vaginal walls, keeping all (menstrual blood, vaginal secretions and endometrial cells) contained. Unlike pads or tampons that soak up both menstrual fluid and half the ocean along with it, our Coralcone period cups don’t absorb, they just hold the fluid to be emptied out later on.

And here's the bonus, it might even be more hygienic! Because no chemically-treated or dirty water will be absorbed, it reduces the risk of prolonged exposure within the vaginal canal and lowering the chance of developing a vaginal infection. You get all the comfort of a tampon without the downsides, allowing you to move freely in the water with confidence.

Of course, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when swimming with a menstrual cup:

1. Pre-swim Prep & Rinse:

Before you make a splash, rinse and empty your cup to maximise its capacity. The water pressure may in fact slow the flow of your period while underwater, though your period is still happening, time may in fact be on your side. 

2. Seal the Deal:

Take the time to ensure the cup is fully open and creates a proper seal. Making sure your menstrual cup is positioned correctly allows for a leak-proof worry-free swim.

3. Post-Swim Care:

Change out your cup at your earliest convenience after swimming, and give it a quick rinse with fresh water. The showers are perfect for this.

Now, let's debunk the myth that period blood attracts sharks. Sharks are attracted to the scent of injured prey rather, not menstrual blood. So, rest assured, swimming with a Coralcone won't turn you into shark bait.

In conclusion, swimming with a menstrual cup is not just safe and practical but also empowering. The next time you want to dive into water activities, don't let your period hold you back.

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